Edwyn and margaret harrington and family

This page contains a number of family pictures of Edwyn and Margaret with the children. There is also a link, below, that will take you to a page containing family letters that were kept for prosperity.

               Gerald 16           Mary 14                     Jack 18       Christopher 11    Sally 12

                                     James 2    Geoffrey 8    Joseph 5  Anne 6      Leo 3 months

                                                                        July 1942

Sally, Christopher and a serious looking Mary!
Gerald, Mary, Chris, Sally, Jack
Margaret with Mary and little Christopher
Wyn with little Sally and Gerald
Gerald and Jack in Tramore
Jack and Gerald in Hunstanton
Chris and Geoff with Sally, Mary & Anne
Mary & Sally
Gerald, Jack & Mary
Jack & Gerald with Dad
Mary & Sally
Mary, Jack & Gerald
Sally & Mary with Mum
Sally, Chris & Mary
Chris & Geoff
Jack & Gerald on the back of Geoff Bell's bike
Wyn relaxing with the gang.
Geoff, Joe, James and Leo
Rochford, August 1951. James & Leo with their backs to the camera. Peggy and Anne named, they were packing plums.
Mum, Leo and a cool looking Joe! Yarmouth 1948
James & Leo, i know not where?
Dad with Chris & Geoff
Dad with Mary, Chris and little Anne
Leo & Joe getting the coal!
Sally, Geoff & Anne
Chris, Jack & Gerald
Chris, Gerald & Anne
Chris, Geoff & little Joe


A growing family

Some more family pictures

                                                                            Gerald 21      Mary 19    Christopher 15   Sally 17      Geoffrey 13    

                                                            Jack 23 next to Wyn and May

                                         Leo 5                                Joseph 10               Anne 11                 James 7

                                           The occasion of Wyn and Margaret’s Silver Wedding

Family at Jim and Pat's wedding, November 1964
Family from around 1970
Dinner party
Anne, James, Leo, Mum and Joe at the beach. Assume Gran is holding one of the granchildren.
Anyone for cricket? Mum with Leo & James
Joe with Teresa and Sally
2007 Waterford. Teresa, Sally, Christopher, Joe & Peggy
Sally and Tersa with a bear won at at a nursing home!!