This page has a selection of letters between the family, you should be able to zoom in to read the content where necessary. The Harrington’s handwriting is generally extremely good, Wyn set them all a very good example!

Note, you will also find some other letters held on other pages for a particular family member. 





With so many children, and no internet/email available, Wyn had to get creative with his method of communicating with them when they flew the nest. So he would use carbon paper to write one letter to all of them and produce multiple copies at once!

Note how he would number each of the children to make sure none were missed! 

John writing to Mum and Dad in August 1948. Seems like he was on a trip to Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and doing a tour of the country.

Letter from Geoff to his Mum, when he was serving in his regiment on National Service I believe, June 1954. Seems like he was a big fan of Marilyn Monroe!!

A letter from a young Jack to his Dad, August 1933.

Mary, writing when she was a WREN, to poetically apologise for forgetting her Dad’s birthday!!

Wyn wrote a number of letters to Sally when she moved to London to do her nurse training. He would keep her updated on events at home and, in the letter above, you will see he had just lost an acquaintance who had died suddenly whilst doing up his shoe laces!! There is also a Christmas card  with which he had enclosed ‘two pieces of paper’ which I am reliably informed by Sally would have been 10 shilling notes!

Wyn had brought a postcard during the 1st World War, when in Arras and had kept it for over 31 years. He then used it to send a note to Sally when she was based in Lincolnshire!

This note was sent to Wyn when he was in hospital, shortly before he died. His 3 youngest boys were updating him on their activities.