Wyn & Margaret

This page is dedicated to the time of Wyn and Margaret’s marriage.

For pictures of when they were younger, follow the links below;



Win & Margaret around the time of their marriage.

Edwyn Harrington & Margaret Mary Whelan married at St Mary’s Church, Cadogan Street, Chelsea, London in 1922 on 22nd May.

(Leo): Cuckoo is May’s sister – our Aunt Annie. She attended the wedding. Bridie would be Peggy’s (living in Cahir) mother. She was probably living in London at the time.

The family home, Rochford, on the North Brink
Here is the original house sign. Now the name of the bar that sits in Simon's (James son) garden!


Margaret Mary seemed to love the beach, swimming, dipping and sunbathing. Although the big coat suggests it really wasn’t the day for that!! 

A message from the Pope on the occasion of their Silver Wedding
Wyn & Margaret on the occasion of Raymond Keogh's wedding
October 1948. Last picture of Margaret and Wyn together.
Together again