sally & thomas

We don't have any pictures of Sally and Thomas's wedding. They lived in London,round the corner from Berkeley Square.

Postcard from Thomas to Sally’s mother, March 1970, sent from Beverly Hills. He and Sally must have been on a tour of Canada and America having visited Toroto and New York.

Baby Sally .. no idea who is holding her.
A young Sally

A couple of pictures from her 1st Communion

In the snow, on the banks of the Nene

Sally with her Dad near Marble Arch, December 19th, 1948. He helped her move to London when she began her nurse training. And the postcard she sent home confirming the family now had a qualified midwife!

Sally had regular correspondance with her Dad who would keep her up to date with events at home!
Not sure where this picture of Sally was taken, a big castle sits in the background. Picture of her with mother oppostie.

Above are some postcards from Margaret Mary to Sally at the end of March and beginning of April 1949 informing her of Dad going into hospital and update on progress.

Then, sadly, the telegram on the 4th April to let her know he had died. Obviously communications were much more challenging then, and a telegram was an expensive option so had to be short and to the point. One can only imagine how difficult it would have been to receive that.