What happened to Anne Robinson after Weakest back link – facelifts, Tinder and intercourse confession

What happened to Anne Robinson after Weakest back link – facelifts, Tinder and intercourse confession

Countdown contestants shall be fearing coming up against new number Anne Robinson, whom sent shivers down the spines with the Weakest website link hopefuls and paid down some to tears

Anne Robinson are producing a welcome return to our screens on Countdown – and also the participants need to be afraid.

The ‘Queen of Mean’ attained her nickname for her notorious put downs, brutal insults and shockingly rude antics on Weakest connect.

The language “you would be the weakest website link – goodbye” delivered shivers down spines and Anne actually remaining hopefuls in rips.

Exactly what occurred on the indomitable presenter as soon as she left The Weakest back link forever?

After significantly more than 15,000 contestants, 1700 series as well as over 235,000 questions requested, Anne established she is stopping in 2012 and BBC bosses made a decision to scrap the renowned program.

“If absolutely nothing about longevity in tv, it’s about being aware what to get and things to turn down, and what to end. It has been as to what never to do any more,” stated Anne at that time.

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Amid speculation over the girl exit, Anne, who had been one of many BBC’s greatest earners on a reported ?1million per year, terminated reports about her deal.

“My personal charge wasn’t clipped. I stated I would carry out a decade and, because we visited [BBC] Scotland in addition they had been brilliant, I did a-year over I designed to would,” she told the protector.

Anne have already been the host of US type of The Weakest Link for 2 age, getting a famous face across the pond.

She carried on to present Watchdog until Sep 2015, creating initially managed the BBC buyers issues program in 1993 with some slack in the middle.

“it has been a honor becoming area of the most crucial customer show in Britain,” stated Anne as soon as she left.

Away from television presenting, Anne went beneath the blade and invested no less than ?9,000 on cosmetic surgery.

Talking wit the echo in 2009, Anne shared: “I had a renovation at first 5 years back because i did son’t need to resemble my personal mom. I did so look like the lady.

“we definitely gotn’t scared while I got my personal facelift. Why would I be while I nearly died of alcoholism 35 in years past?

“I never ever thought it was a problem having they finished. And I’ve never ever considered to ensure that it it is quiet.”

Back in 2012, after already having two treatments, Anne admitted she was enthusiastic for lots more perform.

“I’ve asked my personal surgeon if I may have a 3rd carry. I had my personal eyes accomplished years in the past and I had work at my personal chin and brow five or six in years past,” she mentioned.

Anne in addition advertised procedure in London is actually a lot better than in the US.

She mentioned: “a facelift in LA enables you to check as though you’re in a wind tunnel. And there’s brand new York facelift that produces you merely appear lifted. I’d mine complete right here. You simply appear great.”

Anne was actually married to Charles Wilson from 1968 until 1971, then have wed to John penrose in 1980 before divorcing in 2007.

In 2017, Anne announced that she have registered to dating application Tinder in the hope of finding the girl further people.

While determined never to give up fancy, the fussy presenter mentioned schedules needed seriously to see some pretty tight guidelines.

Anne said she was is after ‘CEO’s and upwards’ from this lady potential suitors, flipping one chap down simply because he was holding a beer within his visibility image and she no further beverages.

Delivering right back a number of the lady greatest withering place lows, she disappointed an independent actor by advising him: “Really don’t believe that would bring in a huge earnings.”

Her Tinder stint was most short-lived as Anne deleted the girl accounts just one single hour after she initial signed in.

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