Ealing Tennis Club Theatricals
The 'Aunts Harrington'
Aimee and Cecil's Wedding
Dr and Mrs Harris
Kathy and Martin's Wedding
The Aunts Harrington (again)
Aimee - Tennis
Mother, Kitty and William
Henry Shepard and Granny Shapard
John William Walter
Granny Shapard and Granny Harrington, Ray & Margarets Wedding
Margaret and Sarah
Aimee at camp, death of Gertrude - daughter of Sophia and Arthur Harrington
Martin and Kitty
Mother and Arthur?
Percy Shapard died 5/5/1931
Adrian and Elizabeth Hunter
Alexandra College
Uncle John Harrington Golden Wedding (& Wyn)
Aimee Margaret Shepard
Arthur's Ship
The four generations
Arthur and Lilians Wedding 1938
Aimee Margaret Shepard and Dr W. Cecil Harris
Death of Mr J P Monkhouse
Uncle Ted and Aimee
Arhurs Wedding and Lilian
Obituary for Mr Arthur Lewis Harrington
Paper cutting of Marriage of Margaret Harrington and Percy Shepard
John Frederick Harrington Obituary
Mr and Mrs John F. Harrington Golden Wedding paper cutting
Mr John William Walter and Miss Elizabeth Giles wedding
Obituary of Mr Reginald George Harrington (son of A.L.Harrington)
John Monkhouse
Leonard Somerville Harrington died
The Hunter Family
William Hunter, Mayor of Norwich, Lord Mayor of London 1851
Arhur Harrington - died 1872
Arthur Shepard