Assorted family photo's…

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Wyn on the bike with Gerald, Sally, Chris and Mary! (where are those helmets!)
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Mary, mum, Gerald and Sally.
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John, James, Sally and Mary at Chris Harringtons in Ireland.
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Enjoying a picnic… Mum, Arthur, Eva, Jack, Mary, Sally, Kathleen, Gerald
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Joe, Geoff, James & Leo in 1947.
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Joseph, Jim Hennersey and Chrisropher in Cork City, April 1947.
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Chris & Geoff in Dublin, May 1947.
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Gerald, Eva, Granny, Mum, Kathleen, & Jack.

Rochford, 347 Northbrink.

Possibly taken in 1926.

(Anne DeRosa): 'Mum & Dad had 10 children here. The main part near the road was a disused cottage when Dad bought it, with money given by his parents. They added three bedrooms for the price of £60. They were hot in summer and per$

(Leo): 'This is "ROCHFORD” – affectionately known as Rochford Castle, located at 347 North Brink. I understand it was being used as an apple store before dad resurrected it. Times were tough.'

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James and Leo in 1954… notice the name on the boat…. whats that about?!!
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Leo, Anne, Margaret and James