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Wyn - 1946

  • BIRTH: 
    Abt 1894 - London, England

  • DEATH: 
    Apr-May-Jun 1949 (Apr 1949) - Cambridgeshire

    John Frederick Harrington, Sarah Elizabeth Butt

  • SPOUSE: 
    Margaret Mary May Whelan

Baptised on 18th Mar 1894 in West Kensington, St Mary, England.

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An early picture of Wyn.

Below a picture of Wyn (centre) spoking a pipe with his men.
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Wyn was in a hospital in Bristol recuperating from a bullet wound in WW1. The shot entered his cheek & exit near the ear - therefore the bandage around his head! The cigarette was a sign of the times - healthy in those days!
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Wyn in 1946.