James Ignatious m Patricia Healey

James and Patricia had six children: Simon, Louise, John, Richard, Christopher, and Katy.
Simon m Petula Clark
Louise m David Innes
John m Lisa Sample
Abigail (Abbie)
Eleanor (Ellie)
Alexander (Alex)
Harriot (Hattie)
Richard m Angela
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Jim and Pat on their wedding day - Nov 1964
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Jim and Wyn in Cork City, 1948. Jim is showing off his new pen!
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Jim in his army days, 1960 (top secret!). Jim is in the middle in the middle row.
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Family photo, 1981. From left to right, top down: John, Louise, Simon, Richard, Jim, Chris, Katy, Pat.
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Simon, John and Louise, 1974.
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Pat, Jim and family at Fairy Glen, Wisbech with Ann-Marie, Gerald, and Nanna Healey (Pats mum).
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Family at Abbies christening (John and Lisa's first child), 2000.
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Katy, Pat, David, and Petula on break in Norfolk.
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Family break in Norfolk with Bernadete (Pats sister) and husband Gerry & all the children.
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Pat and James son Chris. Currently living in Leeds.
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John and Katy.
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Pat, Jim, David (with son James) and Davids parents (on left). Celebrating?
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Recent picture of Jim (which he does not particularly like but then he does not know how to remove it!).