It starts in 1642…

It starts with John Harrington (1642-) who was born in Bury St Edmonds, Suffolk. A chap called James Bowden has researched back that far and has 4 sources of confirmation. John appears to have been married twice – to Alice (1642-) in 1662 and to Ann Syer (1645-) in 1670 in Gislingham, Suffolk. With Alice John had two children – Martha and William. With Ann Syer he also had 2 children – Samuel and Robert – and the Rochford Harringtons trace down from Robert (1681-1743).

Robert also spent his years in Bury St Edmunds. He was married to a Sarah Beaumont i Jan 1701 in Westminster London. We have no idea what these people did or why Robert was married in London.

Robert & Sarah lived out their lives in Bury St Edmunds and had two children, Samuel (1708-) and John (1702-1800). John married Mary Caby (1711-1785) and had 4 or 5 children. There are 2 Johns noted but no detail. One of their sons – Thomas (1751-1813) also looks to have married twice. He married Rebecca Willet (-1835) in St Marys Church in 1783, and a Sarah Smith. We have the last will and testament from Thomas which you can see on the right (complete copy under references).

With Sarah he had two children – William and John Frederick Pogson Harrington (1781-1842).

John Frederick Pogson Harrington

John F. Harrington

John F P (lets call him that) married Mary Ann Beaumont (1795-1829). John F P with born in Bury St Edmunds but died in Lowestoft …. so he looks like the first to spread his wings. John F P was educated at the King Edward 6th Grammar school in Bury St Edmunds. He was very musical and was organist and music master at St. James church from 1813-1841. He lived in the Mansion House, Angel Hill in the 1820’s.

He married Mary Anne Beaumont from Flixton, Lancashire. Mary was one of nine. John F P and Anne had 8 children, Thomas, Jemima, John, Arthur, Phillip, Lewis, Richard and Sarah. The ‘Rochford Harringtons’ following the line from Arthur (1817-1872). John F P’s father Thomas (1751-1813) refers to John F P’s child Anabela Maria Harrington in his will – but cannot find any detail on her. John F P was left estates and annual sum of £50 “for the remainder of his natural life”.

Arthur married Sophia Hunter (1819-1899) in Bury St. Edmunds in 1847 and then moved to Rochford in Essex.

Arthur (1817-) and Sophia Hunter (1819-)

Sophia HarringtonArthurHarringtonArthur and Sophia had 7 children, Arthur Lewis (1849-), John Frederick (1853-), Laura Beaumont (1855-), Edith Mary (1857-), Kate (1858-), Slater (1859-) and Gertrude (1852-).

To the right you can see a letter from John Hunter (Sophia’s brother) to Arthur and Sophia congratulating them on the birth of their son in August 1849 – this presumably being Arthur Lewis Harrington.

Arthurs profession was a ‘druggist’ and Sophia was his assistant. They have a number of live in servants throughout the period and other apprentices. Arthurs brother Richard lived with the family for some period as a chemist (recorded in 1851) together with Sophia’s brother Andrew Hunter (1817-).

A letter from John Hunter (Sophia's brother) to Arthur and Sophia congratulating them on the birth of their son in August 1849 - this presumably being Arthur Lewis Harrington.

A letter from John Hunter (Sophia’s brother) to Arthur and Sophia congratulating them on the birth of their son in August 1849 – this presumably being Arthur Lewis Harrington.

Sophia moved to Prittlewell in Essex after Arthurs death (22 Dec 1872) with Edith and Gertrude.

Sophia was ‘living on her own means’ while Edith was a private governess at some school and Gertrude was a professor of music. They lived with two domestic helpers and a boarder Margaret Hancock. Edith went on to become a Principal of a Ladies school.

Arthur and Sophia’s skills as Chemists were passed down the line to John Frederick Harrington (1853-) who married Sarah Butt (1857-).

Arthur Lewis (1849-, Arthur and Sophia’s first son) married Jane Sumerville (1854-) and had 5 children – Elsie, Leonard, Margaret, Reginald and Norman. Reginald died from Septicaemia at the young age of 52. We was the Divisional Dental surgeon in India between 1914 and 1920. Leonard was in the Electrical Engineers for nearly 2 years, then signed up in the territorial force for the Royal Sussex Regiment.

There is a letter from Sophias brother John Hunter to Arthur and Sophia contragulating them on the birth of their first son.


Reginald George Harringtons Obituary.

Reginald George Harringtons Obituary.



















John Frederick (1853-) and Sarah Butt (1857-)

Wyn is 3rd from right on the front row.

Wyn is 2nd from right on the front row.

John Frederick was born in Rochford in 1853. He lived in Eltham London in 1871with William and Ann West who were chemists. John was in Prittlewell Essex in 1881 (recorded as a mineral water manufacturer) – and old prescription book of Johns from the Chemist “Harrington and Sons Chemists of Rochford” is available in the Essex Archives, Bermondsey London in 1881, Hammersmith in 1891 and Ealing in 1901.

John and Sarah had 12 children: Ernest, Edith Maud (1878-), Elsie Elizabeth (1879-), Herbert (1879-), Elin Elizabeth (1880-), Eva (1881-), Arthur George (1883-), Guy Hunter (1885-), Dora (1886-), Amy (1888-), Edgayse John (1894-) and Edwyn John (1894-1949).

John Frederick Harrington Obituary

SUDDEN DEATH OF MR J. HARRINGTON: The death occurred suddenly at his home, 6 St. Stephens Road, Ealing on Saturday of Mr. John Frederick Harrington, a former chemist to the Royal Family, and one of the JohnFHarringtonObitoriginal members of the Ealing Golf Club.Mr Harrington, who was 77, retired from practice in 1920. The son of a chemist, Mr. John Harvey Harrington, he was born at Rochford, Essex and was trained to his fathers profession. After experience at Rochford and South-end, he established a practice at Kensington High Street where we stayed over 35 years until his retirement. He quickly gained a high reputation, and for a number of years he was chemist to the Royal Family, dispensing for many of its members at Kensington Palace. After living at Brook Green, Mr Harrington came to Ealing, and lived in Westbury Road for thirty years before going to St. Stephen’s Road. Mr Harrington joined the Ealing Golf Club on its foundation and was one of its most popular members. A prominent Freemason, he was past master of the Galen Lodge; he was also a past master of the Priory Lodge.

3 Westbury Road, Ealing. Home of John F. Harrington

3 Westbury Road, Ealing. Home of John F. Harrington

Edwyn John Harrington (1894-1949) and Margaret Whelan (1899-1978)

Wyn, 1946

Wyn, 1946

Margaret, 1919

Margaret, 1919

Edwyn was the son of John Frederick and Sarah Butt and born in Kensington, 1894. He was brought up in Ealing, London.

Edwyn was an engineer by trade. He fought in WW1 and suffered a bullet wound – the shot entering his cheek and exiting near the ear. The picture below is of Wyn recuperating in Bristol infirmary – a cigarette being a sign of the times!

After the war Edwyn moved to Wisbech in Norfolk and started farming.

Edwyn and Margaret had 10 childen: Ann Veronica, Christopher Lawrence, Geoffrey Michael, Gerald William, James Ignatious, John, Joseph Arthur, Leo Anthony, Mary Teresa, and Sarah Elizabeth.

Margarets parents were Lawrence Whelan and Mary Bradshaw (married around 1905). There is a record that one of the children, Christopher, was shot by British troops in the Easter uprising when he was 14 years old. There is a record of him interred at the Glasnevin Cemetery where two hundred and fifty bodies were buried between Easter Monday the 24th April and 11th July. He was in bed at the time when the shots came through the window. From the record Lawrence was proprietor of a hotel at 30 North Great George Street in Dublin in 1911.

Edwyn died in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire (the house called ‘Rochford’) at 55. Margaret died in March 1978 at Nazareth House, Northampton.

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