Received an email from Elizabeth Spiller:

I just found your website when I googled Laura Beaumont Harrington,
my great-grandmother. Her son, Lionel Harrington Howell, married Gwen
Smedley. In your data he is sometimes down as Harrington rather than

I am in contact with my great aunt's descendants Kitto and

I hope you still use this email address.

Elizabeth Spiller.

(+ some pictures which I am updating onto the site)

Email note from a John Attfield who was also working on a family tree on line and referenced Frederick Beaumont Harrington. See more detail for his notes.

Interesting line on John Frederick Pogson Harrington - as per previous blog from John.


Update for 2012! John Walter has contacted me regarding correspondence/letters/wills for the Harrington family which I am scanning and will put on the web site shortly. See detail. Read More...